The effects of demographic factors on the environmental awareness of Omani citizens

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In year 2007, a survey was conducted in the Sultanate of Oman in order to evaluate the current environmental awareness of the Omani general public and their willingness to protect the environment. The focus of the survey was to explore the role played by demographic factors (sex, age, and education level) in determining the environmental awareness of the Omani public. The survey was administered to 425 respondents among all areas of the entire Muscat governorate in Oman. The results of the survey revealed that the environmental awareness of the Omani public was related to gender, age, and education level. Males were found to have a higher level of knowledge about environmental issues than females. Males were also more environmentally concerned and tended to engage in more environmental behaviors than females. Younger and more educated respondents tended to be more knowledgeable and concerned about the environment than older and less educated respondents.

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JournalHuman and Ecological Risk Assessment
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  • Demographic factors
  • Environmental awareness
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Survey questionnaire

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