Phytochemical analysis of the essential oil from botanically certified oleogum resin of Boswellia sacra (Omani luban)

Ahmed Al-Harrasi, Salim Al-Saidi

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The yield of hydrodistillation of a botanically certified Oleogum Resin of Boswellia sacra essential oil (5.5%); and its chemical constituents were determined. The GC/MS technique was used for the analysis of the oil. Several oil components were identified based upon comparison of their mass spectral data with those of reference compounds published in literature or stored in a computer library. The oil was characterized by the high content of the monoterpenes (34) which constituted 97.3% in which E-β-ocimene and limonene were the major constituents. The remaining 2.7% was accounted for the sesquiterpenes (16) in which the E-caryophyllene was the major constituent. The analysis proved the complete absence of the diterpenes.

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Pages (from-to)2181-2189
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 2008



  • Boswellia sacra
  • Essential oil
  • Monoterpenes
  • Sesquiterpenes

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