Perspectives of learners and teachers on implementing the storytelling strategy as a way to develop story writing skills among middle school students

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This study explores teachers’ and learners’ views on the impact of the storytelling strategy on developing the story writing skills of Omani seven graders. One hundred and twenty grade seven learners and five teachers participated in this study. The participants completed two questionnaires. The first questionnaire administered to the learners referred to the benefits gained from the storytelling strategy. The second survey was designed for the five teachers who applied this strategy to the grade seven learners. Semi-structured interviews were also used for the five teachers participating in this study. The main findings of the study were: 93.4% found the strategy useful, 92% liked this strategy and 92.4% agreed that whilst they prepared for writing the story, they were doing more things during their preparation, such as organising their ideas and creating conceptual maps Furthermore, teachers’ opinions indicated that most of the teachers agreed that they have benefited from the strategy.

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  • Arabic teaching
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