Magnetization reversal dependence on magnetic properties of a spin torque oscillator with in-plane anisotropy free layer and orthogonal polarizer

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The effect of magnetic properties on magnetization dynamics is studied for a spin torque oscillator (STO) composed of a free layer with an in-plane magnetic anisotropy and a reference layer with a fixed out-of plane magnetization. A transition from damped to uniform oscillations is observed for a critical value of saturation magnetization MS). In the uniform oscillations regime, the frequency is inversely proportional to MS. Similarly, the critical current for achieving uniform oscillations is investigated as a function of free layer intrinsic properties. In a second part of the study, the magnetostatic field (Hm) from the reference layer is considered and it is revealed that the out-of plane component of magnetization has a strong dependence on Hm. For a particular configuration, Hm could reduce the out-of plane component maximizing thus the out-put signal of the STO.

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JournalCurrent Applied Physics
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  • Magnetization reversal
  • Spin torque oscillator
  • Spin transfer torque

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