Soil and Water Conservation SWAE3304



This course will provide the students with a fundamental knowledge on the prudent use of soil and water resources and diverse aspects of soil and water conservation. The risks caused by erosion, sedimentation, pollution and the necessary actions to conserve soil and water and maintain environmental quality will be discussed. This course addresses the principals involved in the conservation and improvement of soil and water resources; classes, types and forms of soil erosion; classification, processes, and measurements of water erosion, wind erosion; and erosion control. The soil degradation as well as the management of soil and water resources in Oman will be discussed. Important topics to be covered are: Introduction to soil and water conservation; Geologic erosion and sedimentation; Water erosion and sedimentation, Wind erosion and deposition; Water conservation, Irrigation, Drainage and Salinity; Prediction of soil erosion, Agronomic techniques for soil and water conservation; Soil and water pollution and remediation strategies. This course will help the students to realize the importance of soil and water to life and recognize the significance of conservation of these resources to maintain food security and environmental quality.
Course period5/1/22 → …