Validation of the Arabic version of the ocular surface disease index questionnaire

May M. Bakkar*, Ahmad K. El-Sharif, Mohammad Al Qadire

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AIM: To develop an Arabic version of the ocular surface disease index (OSDI) and to assess its reliability and validity. METHODS: A cross sectional study was carried out to validate the Arabic version of the OSDI questionnaire. Initially, forward-backward translation was used to translate the English version of OSDI into Arabic. The translated questionnaire was tested for equivalence and cultural adaptability. Totally 200 subjects were then recruited from a non-clinical population and asked to complete the Arabic version of the OSDI (ARB-OSDI). The reliability of the questionnaire was assessed using Cronbach’s-α. A subgroup of 30 participants was asked to complete the questionnaire on two occasions to test the test-retest reliability. RESULTS: A total of 200 participants were enrolled in the study. The average age of the study participants was 31.21±13.2y and 57% were male. An acceptable internal consistency level for the ARB-OSDI questionnaire measured by Cronbach’s-α was revealed. All questions showed good internal consistency. Test-retest reliability analysis revealed good stability (interclass correlation coefficient, r=0.832, P<0.001). The construct validity for the questionnaire was also high. CONCLUSION: The ARB-OSDI questionnaire shows very good psychometric properties (acceptable internal consistency and test-retest reliability). That makes the questionnaire a valid potential tool to use in Arabic-speaking countries to monitor symptoms of dry eye disease in a larger population.

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