Use of social networking sites among shinas college of technology students in Oman

Salim Said Ali Al Kindi, Saadat M. Alhashmi

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Introduction: Social networking sites (SNSs) have become a popular method for students to share information and knowledge and to express emotions. They enable students to exchange video files, text messages, pictures and knowledge sharing. They provide an opportunity for students to improve social networking and learning processes, which promotes knowledge in society. Purposes: This paper intends to address the factors motivating students at colleges to use SNSs, to identify the factors that motivate them in using SNSs for educational purposes and to identify the most popular SNSs among students. Design/Methodology: The study uses a questionnaire in order to discover the reasons behind the use of SNSs by students at Shinas College of Technology (ShCT) in Oman. Findings: The study found that the major reasons for frequent use of SNSs are finding information and sharing news. The study also indicated that lack of experience as well as insufficient time and IT skills are effective factors of not using SNSs. Finally, the study discovered that Google Groups, Facebook and Yahoo! 360 are the most popular SNSs used by SHCT students. Research Limitation: The study was limited to ShCT students, which is considered a small community, and the focus group was relatively small. A larger focus group in a different environment may possibly yield different results. Additionally, the list of SNSs listed in the questionnaire was based on previous studies discussed in the literature review. Originality/value: This research will be valuable for those interested in the subject of social networks and e-learning. In this area, there is a dearth of research on reasons for student use of SNSs in Oman, giving this particular research great importance to understanding the way that students interact with SNSs.

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