Social media networks and pedagogy at the University of Jordan

Huda Karajeh, Mahmoud Maqableh, Lama Rajab, Hiba Mohammad, Tahani Khatib, Nabil Al-Qirim*, Ali Tarhini

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This study examined impact of a social media networks course on student use of SNSs performance. Moreover, it examined the associations among course design, course materials, learning experiences and a social media networks course. Survey instrument is used to examine the relationships in the proposed model. A total of 380 questionnaires have been collected from students at the University of Jordan who studied the social media networks course. A structural equation modelling approach based on AMOS 20.0 statistical software is used to study the causal relationships and test the hypotheses between the observed and latent constructs in the proposed research model. The analysis results revealed that course materials and learning experiences directly, positively and significantly impacted the social media networks course, which in turn had a significant impact on students’ use social networks sites performance. Course design, however, did not impact the social media networks course. Our findings have important implications as we demonstrated the validity of the joint two different models and provide information about impact of studying social media networks course on students’ academic performance.

اللغة الأصليةEnglish
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دوريةEducation and Information Technologies
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حالة النشرAccepted/In press - مارس 26 2018

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