Satellite remote sensing for urban growth assessment in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

Elnazir Ramadan*, Xue Zhi Feng, Zheng Cheng

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Urban growth represents specific response to economic, demographic and environmental conditions. Rapid urbanization and industrializations have resulted in sharp land cover changes. The present investigation was carried out from Shaoxing City to quantify satellite-derived estimates of urban growth using a three-epoch time series Landsat TM data for the years 1984, 1997 and ETM 2000. The methodology used was based on post classification comparison. The use of GIS allowed spatial analysis of the data derived from remotely sensed images. Results showed that the built-up area surrounding Shaoxing City had expanded at an annual average of 7 km. Analysis of the classified map showed that the physical growth of urban area was upsetting the other land cover classes such as farming, water resources, etc. The study conclusion mainly emphasized the need for sustainable urban capacity.

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