Recycling of municipal solid waste incinerator ash in hot-mix asphalt concrete

Hossam F. Hassan*

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This research investigated the use of incinerator ash as a partial replacement of fine aggregate in hot-mix asphalt concrete. Municipal solid waste (MSW) Incinerator ash was obtained from an incinerator facility at Sultan Qaboos University. Physical tests were performed on the incinerator ash to determine its gradation and specific gravity, as well as chemical composition of the leachate from the ash. MSW ash was used in the mixture of hot-mix asphalt with a percentage of up to 40% by total aggregate weight. Optimum mixtures were evaluated for moisture susceptibility and raveling potential. The results indicate the potential use of the MSW ash in asphalt concrete mixtures for surface and base course mixtures with percentages of IS and 20 ash substitution, respectively.

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