Quality control of equipment used in digital and interventional radiology

J. Zoetelief*, R. T.M. van Soldt, I. I. Suliman, J. T.M. Jansen, H. Bosmans

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Digital and interventional radiology are increasingly important areas of radiology. Quality control (QC) of such equipment is of particular importance to avoid unnecessary high doses and to help to achieve good image quality. Within the DIMOND III project, equipment requirements and specifications for digital and interventional radiology have been formulated. A protocol for QC tests has been drafted based on various national and international recommendations. Tests are included for various parts of the imaging chain, i.e. X-ray tube and generator, X-ray tube control system, laser printer and display station, and image quality and patient dose. Preliminary tolerance levels have been set for the various tests, after initial measurements. To check the suitability of QC tests and stated tolerance levels, measurements were made at the University Hospital Gasthuisberg in Leuven for equipment used for paediatric radiology and a unit used for chest examinations. The results of the various tests are reported.

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