Proposing a new requirements engineering framework for m-learning applications

Nura Said Mohsin Al-Saifi*, Zuhoor Abdullah Salim Al-Khanjari, Mohamed Sarrab

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Recently, mobile learning applications (m-learning apps) are gaining high popularity all over the world. For the development of effective and successful M-learning Apps, it is important to engineer high quality requirements used for mobile devices as learning tools. A great challenge to improve teaching, learning and education is to make it more interesting and collaborative environments. Mobile Technology can make it more motivated, enjoyable and pleasurable. However, there are two components need to be considered, which are: Technology Infrastructure and Learning Content. So, there is a need to discover an appropriate way to engineer requirements according to users' needs and preferences. The main objective of this research is to propose appropriate Requirements Engineering (RE) framework that suits M-learning Apps capabilities to engineer proper requirements. That is expected to guide the developers for a successful RE process of M-learning Apps. Finally, it defines the interaction process between the proposed framework components.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation
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