Maximum Use of Treated Wastewater in Agriculture

Ahmed Al-Busaidi*, Mushtaque Ahmed

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This study contributed to the existing knowledge on urban treated wastewater reused for agriculture in MENA region by identifying means to optimize wastewater reuse by taking into consideration various parameters such as return to farmers, groundwater quality and impacts on soil and groundwater. The aim of the study was to maximize the usage of treated wastewater reuse in conjunction with groundwater or any available water resource by taking into consideration their quality and quantity, in addition to the environmental, economic and agronomic components. The study was conducted at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman with three types of crops (eggplant, radish and okra). All grown crops were irrigated either by A: 50% groundwater and 50% treated wastewater or B: 100% groundwater or C: 75% treated wastewater and 25% groundwater or D: 100% treated wastewater. Physical and chemical properties of the soil were almost similar and did not show significant differences with both waters. Moreover, some chemical properties such as total carbon and some major elements (N, P, K) were significantly increased (p < 0.05) when treated wastewater was applied. A significant increases in plant productivity was noticed when plants were irrigated with treated wastewater. Whereas, there were insignificant changes in heavy metals of tested crops between different treatments.

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