Examining the effects of vacation ownership product attributes on customer satisfaction: An investigation of product purchase and use

Amy M. Gregory*, H. G. Parsa, Khaldoon Nusair, David J. Kwun, Sanjay Putrevu

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Purpose – This research aims to propose a model that may be used to classify product attributes according to their effect on customer satisfaction within the services industry. It also aims to apply the model to vacation ownership products and to explore attributes related to both the purchase and use of the product: an owned luxury product. Design/methodology/approach – Data from 3,231 vacation ownership customers of multiple international companies were analyzed using a modified Kano model and related questionnaire. Findings – This study reveals the effect that specific product attributes have on customer satisfaction. It addresses previously unexplored attributes (i.e. sales techniques and hotel program benefits), confirms others previously identified with customer satisfaction (i.e. amenities, exchange benefits, hotel affiliation and vacation counselors) and reveals those that had no incremental effect on overall satisfaction (i.e. financing and activities). Practical implications – Results of this study suggest that attributes have varying effects on customers’ overall satisfaction and submit that companies may wish to focus their efforts in particular areas to maintain or improve overall satisfaction. Doing so may create opportunities for companies to increase satisfaction, operate more efficiently or distinguish themselves within the marketplace. Originality/value – This research is the first comprehensive examination of customer satisfaction related to the purchase and consumption of an owned luxury vacation product, reveals misconceptions related to certain product attributes, uncovers previously unidentified attributes, provides a model for examining customer satisfaction that could be applied across lodging products and provides a benchmark for future studies.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
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