Development of quantitative model to investigate the strategic relationship between information quality and e-government benefits

Hussain Alenezi, Ali Tarhini*, Sujeet Kumar Sharma

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Purpose – This paper aims to investigate the relationship between improvements in information quality and the benefits and performance of e-government organizations. As information quality is multi-dimensional measure, it is very crucial to determine what aspects of it are critical to organizations to help them to devise effective information quality improvement strategies. These strategies are potentially capable of changing government organizational structures and business processes. It examines the nature, direction and strength of the connections between information quality and the success of e-government initiatives. A conceptual model by means of which organizations performance and information quality research can be viewed is proposed and validated in Kuwait. Design/methodology/approach – The study used a quantitative methodology to investigate the causal paths. A cross-sectional survey was completed by 268 employees positioned in the Kuwait Government ministries. Each of the main effect hypotheses was analyzed using stepwise multiple regression with stepwise selection. Findings – It was found that the relationships between information quality and strategic benefits along with institutional value were in upright agreement. Our statistical analysis highlighted that improvement in different aspects of information quality can lead to a better organizational image. Specifically, usability and usefulness attributes of information quality came on the top of the key influencers on both strategic benefits and institutional value. Originality/value – This is the first study which adequately covers the relationships between information quality and organizations performance in Kuwait. Based on our evaluation, the authors propose a conceptual model to assist in studying the effects of information quality improvement on e-government benefits and performance.

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دوريةTransforming Government: People, Process and Policy
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حالة النشرPublished - أغسطس 17 2015

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