The sultanate of Oman and the position of girls and women in physical education and sport

Yousra Al-Sinani, Tansin Benn

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Contradictions between Sharia and the Basic Law, especially in relation to equality for women in areas such as inheritance and polygamy, will become evident in the following section, but the Basic Law continued to move Omani society in a more equitable direction. In summary, the succession of the current Sultan in 1970 became the catalyst for political, social and economic change in Oman, and although the pace of change is uneven, no corner of Oman has been left untouched by this process. Much of Oman has turned into a modern community with advanced scientific technology, comprehensive political, economic and social structures, and major investment in sectors such as health and education (Al Turki 1975). The post1970 period is sometimes referred to as the renaissance in Oman.

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