The Early Bronze Age Funerary Archaeological Landscape Of Western Ja'alan: Results Of Three Seasons Of Investigation

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This paper presents the results of three seasons of investigations in the western part of Ja'alan in the southern al-Sharqyiah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. The results highlight the importance of this part of Ja'alan during the Early Bronze Age (EBA), particularly the Hafit period and provide us with important information about the funerary archaeological landscape during this period. The results also reveal important aspects of landscape utilisation and occupation during this time and add to our knowledge of the cultural and economic facets of the earliest Bronze Age societies. The distribution of tombs in the landscape suggests that they were constructed by nomadic or semi-nomadic pastoral groups that shifted from one location to another in search of grazing for their livestock. The availability and seasonality of natural resources such as water, pasture and game made it necessary for them to mark their tribal territory with their funerary structures.

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JournalArabian Archaeology and Epigraphy
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  • Early Bronze Age
  • Funerary landscape
  • Landscape utilisation
  • Marking tribal territory
  • Nomadic pastoral groups
  • Western part of Ja'alan

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