Sufficiency of Omani Laws to Suppress Cybercrimes in Light of the un Comprehensive Study on Cybercrimes

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To address the problem of cybercrimes and related issues, Oman has adopted two new pieces of legislation, the Electronic Transactions Law (etl) and the Cybercrime Law. Of the two, the etl, enacted in 2008, is the older one. It addresses only some cybercrimes, in particular, the 'target cybercrimes' in its last chapter. In 2011, Oman enacted the Cybercrime Law to specifically address cases of cybercrime. The law covers almost every type of target cybercrime and some tool cybercrimes. This article analyses the concept of cybercrime and whether Omani law addresses all such crimes. In evaluating the Omani cybercrime laws and the challenges cybercrime brings, the article uses the United Nation's Comprehensive Study on Cybercrime (2013) as the standard of reference for comparison.

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JournalArab Law Quarterly
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2018



  • cybercrime
  • Cybercrime Law of Oman
  • target cybercrimes
  • tool cybercrimes

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