Strategic planning effectiveness in Jordanian universities: Faculty members' and academic administrators' perspectives

Aieman Ahmad Al-Omari, Kayed M. Salameh

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This study aims to explore the faculty and academic administrators' perception of strategic planning effectiveness (SPE) in a reform environment, measuring the impact of university type, gender, and job role. A total of 338 faculty members and 183 academic administrators who enrolled during the first semester of the 2007-08 term at a public and a private university in Jordan participated in this work-based research. A SPE survey was developed, consisting of 42 items distributed on five dimensions: Importance of strategic planning, level of involvement, depth of implementation, institutional planning model, and institutional decision-making. The results of descriptive statistics and three-way multivariate analysis of variance revealed that the 'depth of implementation' dimension appeared to have the most important impact on SPE. Also, results revealed that the sample of study perspectives of SPE differ significantly according to their job role.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)415-428
Number of pages14
JournalResearch in Post-Compulsory Education
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2009
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