State Diagram of Crystallized Date-Syrup: Freezing Curve, Glass Transition, Crystals-Melting and Maximal-Freeze-Concentration Condition

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State diagram of crystallized date-syrup was developed based on the freezing curve, glass transition curve, sugar crystals-melting curve, maximal-freeze-concentration condition, and eutectic point. The freezing point, glass transition, and sugar crystal-melting curves were modeled by Chen's model based on Clausius-Clapeyron equation, Gordon-Taylor equation and Flory-Huggins equation, respectively. The ultimate maximal-freeze-concentration condition was determined as -42.8 °C [i.e. (Tm′)u, end point of freezing curve]. The intersection point on the freezing curve from the vertical line passing through the end point of freezing [i.e. (Tm′)u] as Xs′ [i.e. 0.73 g/g sample (i.e. un-freezable water as 0.27 g/g sample)]. The eutectic temperature and solutes content at eutectic point were determined as -10.2 °C and 0.39 g/g sample, respectively.

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JournalThermochimica Acta
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  • crystallization
  • date fruit
  • eutectic point
  • phase change
  • Sugar syrup

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