Preparing for the women of the future: Literacy and development in the sultanate of oman

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Human resources play a key role in socio-economic growth and development in any society. Over the past forty years, research into various educational indicators particularly adult literacy rates and population enrollment in higher education institutions, indicate significant progress made towards gender equality in Oman. Omani women have shown remarkable attainment in entrance examinations at higher educational institutions, and they have also achieved noteworthy academic performance in their respectable fields of study. Although, women have had greater success in their educational achievements, this is not reflected in their participation in the labour market. The purpose of this essay is to analyze Oman's educational reform, its successes and challenges, relative to the overall development objectives of the country, with particular emphasis on the female population as actors in/beneficiaries of the reform.

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  • Omanization
  • female oriented jobs
  • gender discrimination
  • higher education
  • reforms
  • resisting forces
  • women empowerment

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