Phoenix Dactylifera Kernel Oil Used As Potential Source for Synthesizing Jet Fuel and Green Diesel

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Phoenix Dactylifera kernel is major agricultural waste produced in Oman. Current work was conducted to produce jet fuel and green diesel from hydrodeoxygenation of Phoenix dactylifera kernel oil in presence of Pd/C catalyst. The hydrodeoxygenation of Phoenix dactylifera kernel oil occurred to be highly efficient at following mild operating conditions such as temperature 300°C pressure 10bar with continuous stirring at 500rpm. Detailed product characterization revealed that large fraction of paraffinic hydrocarbons were found which accounts up to 91.1 % which attributed due to efficient hydrodeoxygenation. Based on the type of components in product oil, it was calculated that the maximum fraction of hydrocarbons formed lies within the range of green diesel 72.0 % then jet fuel 30.4% by using Pd/C catalysts. The density of product oil was 0.88 kg/m3 and viscosity of product calculated was 3.49 mm2/s. Calorific value for product obtained was 44.11 MJ/kg when Pd/C catalyst was used for hydrodeoxygenation. Based on product analysis it can concluded that Phoenix Dactylifera kernel oil can be successfully utilized for synthesizing green diesel and jet fuel fraction.

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