Perceptions of Arabic language teachers toward their use of technology at the Omani basic education schools

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This study is part of a 3-year strategic research project to measure the effectiveness of the design and use of new software for learning Arabic. However, this paper’s particular objective is to evaluate the use of technology in the Omani basic education schools as it is perceived by the Arabic language teachers. The study follows the descriptive methods using a questionnaire as the main instrument. It was found that teachers mostly use computer software and presentation devices to introduce and explain their lessons. Significant differences were found among teachers in terms of teaching experience in favor of the (1–3 years) category but there was no significant difference attributed to the technological expertise. The research discusses these findings and suggests recommendations.

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JournalEducation and Information Technologies
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  • Arabic teaching
  • Basic education
  • Language learning
  • Oman
  • Teachers
  • Technology use

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