Bestimmung von Bemessungsparametern für Küstenschutzanlagen an der Deutschen Ostseeküste Aufbauend auf Szenariosimulationen

Translated title of the contribution: Determination of assessment parameters for coastal protection structures along the German Baltic Sea coast based on scenario simulations

Gerd Bruss, Nestor Jimenz, Hartmut Eiben, Roberto Mayerle

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This paper summarises the development of a state of the art method for the design and safety assessment of coastal protection structures along the German Baltic Sea coast. In the presented strategy a number of severe storms, generated using a meteorological ensemble method and the reconstructed wind fields of the reference storm of November 1872 are combined with hydrodynamic numerical simulations of water levels and waves. In contrast to existing methods, that mainly consider peak values, more realistic loads are determined, on the basis of the simulations of entire courses of consistent storms. The direct comparison between the reference event and the ensemble scenarios leads to the maximum load for coastal protection. In the East some scenarios exceed the current design water level of the 1872 event. New cases of design loads could be originated in this area. In the West, the Storm of 1872 was confirmed to prevail The area wide reconstruction of the development of water levels and waves allows for the first time the determination of realistic loads for the reference event. A variety of different load cases of very severe storms are now available for large parts of the German Baltic Sea coastline. The Method permits for a number of coastal protection problems like new design, safety assessment or the analysis of the influences of a sea level rise onto local hydrodynamics of storms, to be investigated applying modem tools.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)163-189
Number of pages27
Issue number75
Publication statusPublished - 2009



  • Baltic Sea
  • Coastal protection
  • Design
  • Extreme storms
  • Safety check
  • Storm surge 1872

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