Herabsetzung der retinalen sensitivität bei patienten mit unkontrolliertem diabetes mellitus typ 2 - Eine studie zur mikroperimetrie der makula

Translated title of the contribution: Decreased retinal sensitivity in patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus - An evaluatoin by microperimetry of the macula

R. Shenoy, Alexander Bialasiewicz, S. McIlvenny, S. S. Ganguly, K. Bhargava

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Aim: To evaluate the macular function in patients with diabetes mellitus type II. Study design: Nonrandomized controlled case series. Methods: 25 patients (50 eyes) with diabetes mellitus Type II and 25 age-matched controls without were randomly subjected to evaluation of the fixation, retinal sensitivity and test response patterns of the macula using the Nidek Microperimeter. The findings were correlated with blood sugar levels and fluorescein angiography. Fundus changes were classified based on ETDRS criteria. Chi square test was applied for statistical analysis. Results: 20 eyes had no evidence of diabetic retinopathy, 13 eyes (26%) had background changes, and 17 eyes (34%) macular edema. 9 patients (36%) had an asymmetrical clinical picture. Abnormal fixation patterns: Grp. 1: 8 (40%), Grp. 2: 7 (54%), Grp. 3: 17 (100%), reduced retinal sensitivity Grp. 1: 4 (24%), Grp. 2: 8 (62%), Grp. 3: 17 (85%), and delayed test response: Grp. 1: 8 (40%), Grp. 2: 4 (30%), Grp. 3: 17 (100%). A statistically significant number of eyes (p <0.0001) in the study group showed unstable fixation, delayed test responses and subnormal retinal sensitivity correlating with the disease process. Conclusion: Abnormal fixation pattern, reduced retinal sensitivity and prolonged test response indicate defective macular function and is related to the disease process in diabetics. Very early detection of diabetic macular complications in uncontrolled diabetics seems to be possible by microperimetry.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)225-227
Number of pages3
JournalSpektrum der Augenheilkunde
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2005



  • Diabetic maculopathy
  • Fixation pattern
  • Retinal sensitivity

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