Collaborative learning: trainee translators tasked to translate Wikipedia entries from English into Arabic

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The aim of this paper was to examine a more dynamic and creative approach to teaching translation, which can help students develop as many competences as possible. Collaborative learning has been found to be an appropriate approach to serve this aim. My students and I adopted a well-known international encyclopaedia ( as the source material to translate English into Arabic. Wikipedia is a rich resource of different types of texts published in English and many other languages. This paper shows how the adoption of collaborative learning enabled me to effectively use Wikipedia in teaching translation at the Master level. Thorough observation of the actions carried out and the comments given by students and other participants on the different Wikipedia pages that were linked to the project will highlight the feasibility and productivity of using Wikipedia in translation pedagogy.

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JournalInterpreter and Translator Trainer
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  • Collaborative learning
  • english/Arabic translation
  • peer-learning
  • translator training
  • Wikipedia

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