Capability of L-band SAR data in mapping of sedimentary formations of the Marmul region, Sultanate of Oman

Sankaran Rajendran, Sobhi Nasir

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This study demonstrates the capability of the longer wavelength (L-band) and fine mode images of the Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR), and the optical spectral bands of the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) to map sedimentary formations and structures of the Marmul region, Central Oman. Results of study shows that the principal components image of the visible and near infrared–shortwave infrared (VNIR-SWIR) spectral bands of the ASTER have potential to discriminate the occurrence and distribution of marine and Quaternary sedimentary formations of the region. The color composite image developed using PALSAR data (R:HH + HV; G:HH; B:HV) has capable to differentiate the occurrence of the sedimentary formations and structures of the region. We developed ratios images by summing the HH intensity as a numerator and the HV intensity as a denominator (R:HH+(HH + HV)/HV, G:HH + HV, B:HH/HV), and by summing the HV intensity as a numerator and the HH intensity as a denominator (R:HV+(HH + HV)/HH, G:HV + HH, B:HV/HH) to study better the sedimentary formations and structures. The images discriminated well the occurrence of the limestones and shale formations of the marine deposits, the wadi alluvium of the Quaternary deposits and the manmade building structures of the region. We studied the minerals of the sedimentary formations using VNIR-SWIR spectral bands of the ASTER by spectral angle mapper (SAM) image processing method. The study showed presence of carbonates, silicates and OH bearing aluminosilicate minerals in the formations. The image interpretations are verified in the field and confirmed by the laboratory studies.

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JournalEarth Science Informatics
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