Can mission predict school performance? The case of basic education in Oman

Wajeha Thabit Al-Ani*, Omer Hashim Ismail

*Corresponding author for this work

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This article reports on a study that examined the relationship between the mission statements and performance of Basic Education Schools in Oman. The process of mission statement framing was also investigated. A sample of 161 school mission statements was randomly collected from the Ministry of Education school mission portal database representing 19% of the total population. A sequential mixed method of analysis was chosen. The mission statements being classified with respect to 12 themes of which the most frequently of them appearing Academic Achievement (74.5%) and the least frequent Scientific Research Methods (26.1%). Results show that Learning Outcomes Excellence significantly correlated with a theme around Reconstructing School Environment (r = 0.243). Also, Islamic Values and Ethics significantly correlated with Scientific Research Methods (r = 0.221). It was also appeared that school principals spent great efforts on designing school mission statements that directed schools towards achieving their purpose and improving their performance.

Original languageEnglish
JournalSchool Leadership and Management
Publication statusPublished - Aug 14 2015


  • basic education
  • mission
  • performance
  • School
  • vision

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