Bioconvection analysis for flow of Oldroyd-B nanofluid configured by a convectively heated surface with partial slip effects

Sami Ullah Khan, Kamel Al-Khaled, M. M. Bhatti*

*Corresponding author for this work

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The improved thermal mechanism of nano-scale particles has attended a special focus of scientists in current time. Owing to the multiple dynamic applications of such nanoparticles in various era of engineering and thermal sciences like cooling/heating materials, heat production, energy resources and bio-medical sciences like cancer treatment, destroying of damage cells, brain tumors etc. Further, bio-convective phenomenon of nanoparticles is also referred to many applications in bio-sciences like enzymes, bio-sensors, bio-fuels etc. Keeping such motivating applications in mind, present communication addresses the bioconvection assessment in Oldroyd-B nanofluid conducted over a convectively heated configuration. Further, the partial slip mechanism is followed for to examine the flow pattern. The novel zero mass flux aspects have been taken into account at the solid surface of plate such that the nano-materials fraction is attended itself on higher retardation. After altering the equations in dimensionless form, shooting numerical algorithm is employed for the solution procedure. It is observed that variation in relaxation time constant increase the velocity profile which is more progressive in presence of slip effects. The presence of slip factor improves the heat and mass transportation more effectively. Moreover, the concentration profile decline with retardation time constant and Schmidt number.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100982
JournalSurfaces and Interfaces
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2021
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  • Bioconvection analysis
  • Numerical method
  • Oldroyd-B nanofluid
  • Partial slip

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