Assessment of lead, zinc, copper, nickel and chromium in total suspended particulate matter from the workplace in Al-Rusayl Industrial Estate, Oman

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Total suspended particulates (TSP) were collected with a high volume sampler from the indoor work environment of 23 industries in Al-Rusayl Industrial Estate in Muscat, Oman. The values measured ranged from 39 μg m-3 to 1033 μg m-3. TSP in the ambient air of the area was found to have an average value of 1802 μg m-3. TSP were analyzed for Pb, Cu, Ni, Zn and Cr. Compared to other metals, Pb emission was high with values ranging from 3 to 15 109 ng m-3 with the mean value being 1 293 ng m-3; Cu concentration varied from 3 to 2 600 ng m -3 with a mean value of 131 ng m-3; Ni concentration ranged from 6 to 46 ng m-3 with a mean value of 17 ng m -3; Cr concentration ranged from 1 to 133 ng m-3 with a mean value of 23 ng m-3 while that of Zn varied from 0.01 to 1 978 ng m-3 with the mean value being 464 ng m-3. The concentrations of Pb, Ni, Cu, Cr, and Zn in the ambient air were also measured and found to have the following values: 122, 18, 16, 5 and 0.01 ng m -3, respectively. These values indicate that the industries in the area do not contribute significantly to heavy metal air pollution.

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