Vehicular entrapment and heat stroke in three children: Is it a form of child neglect?

Roshan Koul*, Amna Al-Futaisi, Muna Al-Sadoon, Ibtisam El-Nour, Alexander Chacko, Manjusha Hira, Yasser Wali, Rajeev Jain

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The medical records of three children who were entrapped inside vehicles are reviewed and their outcome following the incidents were assessed in this report. The children developed heat stroke following the incidents and survived after several days in coma but with severe cognitive functions impairment. Two of the children were left with hyperactivity and attention deficit, while the third had active epilepsy. Vehicular entrapment heat stroke is one of the preventable brain injuries in children. Several children get entrapped in cars or other vehicles yearly and survivors are left with significant brain damage. The usual cause for brain damage is heat stroke the lesson learned was to never leave children unattended in cars. Therefore, it is essential to double check that doors are locked when leaving children unattended near vehicles.

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