Using machine learning in business process re-engineering

Younis Al-Anqoudi*, Abdullah Al-Hamdani, Mohamed Al-Badawi, Rachid Hedjam

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A business process re-engineering value in improving the business process is undoubted. Nevertheless, it is incredibly complex, time-consuming and costly. This study aims to review available literature in the use of machine learning for business process re-engineering. The review investigates available literature in business process re-engineering frameworks, methodologies, tools, techniques, and machine-learning applications in automating business process re-engineering. The study covers 200+ research papers published between 2015 and 2020 in reputable scientific publication platforms: Scopus, Emerald, Science Direct, IEEE, and British Library. The results indicate that business process re-engineering is a well-established field with scientifically solid frameworks, methodologies, tools, and techniques, which support decision making by generating and analysing relevant data. The study indicates a wealth of data generated, analysed and utilised throughout business process re-engineering projects, thus making it a potential greenfield for innovative machine-learning applications aiming to reduce implementation costs and manage complexity by exploiting the data’s hiding patterns. This suggests that there were attempts towards applying machine learning in business process management and improvement in general. They address process discovery, process behaviour prediction, process improvement, and process optimisation. The review suggests that expanding the applications to business process re-engineering is promising. The study proposed a machine-learning model for automating business process re-engineering, inspired by the Lean Six Sigma principles of eliminating waste and variance in the business process.

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دوريةBig Data and Cognitive Computing
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حالة النشرPublished - ديسمبر 2021

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