Using DEA window analysis for performance evaluation of iranian wood panels industry

A. Hemmasi, M. Talaeipour, H. Khademi-Eslam, R. Farzipoor Sean, S. H. Pourmousa

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Wood panel manufacturing is one of the important sectors in Iranian wood industry. The sector faces serious limitations in production technology and raw materials. So the performance of 10 firms of Iranian wood panels industry was evaluated. A DEA window analyses with a free oriented slack-based measure model (SBM) were performed based on financial data collected for the period of 5 years (2002 to 2006). The (firms) decision-making units were ranked based on average of efficiency scores and determination of the trends of their behaviors and stability of performances. The results of estimated efficiency score showed that all decision-making units (DMUs) in wood panel sector were stable (considering low standard deviation). But their trends and stability behaviors showed that almost half of decision-making units were positive. The difference of total range and the efficiency score average showed that many DMUs still were inefficient and reflect a fluctuation in efficiency score.

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