Transport properties and model-based dynamical properties of Omani crude oils

Sayyadul Arafin*, Sheikh M.Mujibur Rahman

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We have measured the density and viscosity of five crude oil samples, collected from various hydrocarbon reservoirs in Oman, as functions of temperature. The measured quantities are expressed in terms of fitted formulae allowing their easy usage for different computational and simulation works. As an application, these thermo-physical data have been utilized to investigate the flow dynamics of hydrocarbon films under gravity at various temperatures. We have modeled the flow of these crude oils to study the dynamics of falling films in an open-top rectangular pipe set at various angular alignments under the assumption of Newtonian fluid describing a laminar flow. The adopted model of the investigation is not entirely novel, but the calculations aim to apply the model to various Omani crude oil samples with various American Petroleum Institute (API) values; the calculated results shed light on the dynamics of these crude oil films, which might be correlated to crude oil purification mechanism and open-top transportation.

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