Transient solution of 2-D TEI problem using reduced order models

Abdullah M. Al-Shabibi*, James R. Barber

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The transient solution of a two-dimensional problem with thermoelastic instability (TEI) has been investigated using a "reduced order model". Thermoelastic instability results from the interaction of frictional heat generation, elastic contact pressure and thermoelastic distortion of two bodies in contact and sliding relative to each other. In practice this class of problem is encountered with the automotive brakes and clutches. The goal has been to construct a mathematical model with a few degrees of freedom that will approximate the real system. The method was found to work well when compared with results from FE computer simulation but involves a dramatically reduced computational time.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2001
الحدثSAE 2001 World Congress - Detroit, MI
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OtherSAE 2001 World Congress
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