Tidal movements of shallow water fishes in Kuwait Bay

J. M. Wright*, D. A. Clayton, J. M. Bishop

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The intertidal migrations of shallow water fishes in Kuwait Bay were studied during two 24 h periods using an otter trawl. Most species wereconcentrated at a location corresponding to Low Low Water mark. At the other tidal levels some fishes migrated with the tide to High High Water mark through a horizontal distance of up to 2 km. Any effect of day and night on the catch was masked by the effect of tidal condition. Leiognarhus decorus (de Vis) was typically concentrated at Low Water but a proportion of the population followed the rising tide toward the shore. There was a die1 effect whichmay have been due to fish moving to shallower water at night compared with the day. Length‐frequency distribution changed slightly with tidal state so that larger fish were not captured at High Water during the day. Of the fishes captured at high tide, the largest individuals of L. decorus were captured at a depth of 2.0 m deep. Solea elongata Day did not migrate with tidal fluctuations and was captured in large numbers only at Low Water. Arius tenuispinis Day was captured in shoals at or around Low Water.

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