The values of BI-empowered customer service in telecom

Mohamed Al-Zadjali, Kamla Al Busaidi*

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Business intelligence (BI) applications can support organisations' operative and strategic decision making. This study aims to examine the values of BI application in customer service (in terms of call centre and quality management) in the telecommunications sector. Limited studies have investigated the application of BI in customer service, which is very critical due to challenges in maintaining customers, especially in a highly competitive sector such as telecommunications. This study investigated employees' perspectives in telecommunications companies. The study found that implementing BI in quality management adds significant value to business process effectiveness and efficiency, customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and technical values. In addition, implementing BI in call centre adds significant value to customer retention, employee motivation and satisfaction, reduced costs and improved real-time analysis. Such results provide valuable insights about how telecom companies can invest in BI for customer service.

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