The Psychometric Properties of Beliefs about Psychological Services (BAPS) Scale among Omani University Students

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The current study examines the psychometric properties of Beliefs About Psychological Services (BAPS) Scale (Ægisdottir & Gerstein, 2009) among Omani university students using factor analysis and criterion validity. The study sample consisted of 593 undergraduate university students (60% females). The Arabic version of BAPS was developed by the researcher and its factorial structure was examined using EFA in the first step. CFA was used in the second step to assess the factorial structure of the new EFA structure and the original American structure. The original structure was selected in this paper for its better psychometric properties. In addition, criterion validity showed good evidence of the adapted BAPS as justified by its ability to distinguish between the different groups based on gender and experience with counselling. The find-ings were discussed in the context of Omani counselling profession and suggestions for future research were given.
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