The Impacts of Remote Working on Workers Performance

Nour Eldin Mohamed Elshaiekh, Yasir Ali Ahmed Hassan, Amna Abdelrouf Alhassan Abdallah

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Remote working is a kind of work process that keep workers to do their job activities from distance or out of work surroundings. In this review paper, the concepts, advantages and disadvantages of remote working are elaborate, then specific issues of remote working has been discussed, specially issues that raised by researchers and expirees who examined and analyzed these issues and the most challenging facing by them. There are different kinds of remote working; According to the workers who use it, the place, type of work, the environment, and the purpose of use. According to the reviews there are positive and negative impacts on workers performance by using the remote working which may include; Information and communication (LCT) had useful effects on more results, such as job happiness, performance, revenue intent, and role stress,: minimum physical necessities, individual monitor over work pace, defined deliverables, a need for concentration, and a comparatively low need for communication. The persons who worked at home effectively were found to be extremely self-motivated and self-disciplined and to have abilities which providing them with bartering influence. They also made the plan either because of family desires or because they preferred few social fraud facts beyond family. The negative impacts include; pressures of time management, Financial pressures or uncertainty, Loneliness from lack of colleague contact, Separation in the workplace - feeling 'left out', Absence of regular routine, market yourself, Lack of sympathetic from others who choose more conformist paths. Difficulty swapping off' at the end of the day. and Pressure in close relations.

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عنوان منشور المضيفACIT 2018 - 19th International Arab Conference on Information Technology
ناشرInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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الحدث19th International Arab Conference on Information Technology, ACIT 2018 - Werdanye
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الاسمACIT 2018 - 19th International Arab Conference on Information Technology


Conference19th International Arab Conference on Information Technology, ACIT 2018

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