The impact of using mobile social network applications on students' social-life

Ahmed Yousif Abdelraheem, Abdelrahman Mohammed Ahmed*

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The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of using Mobile Social Network Applications (MSNAs) on students' social life (social relations, family relations and social awareness). The study was designed as a survey study using a five-point Likert-type scale to collect data from the students. A sample of 211 students' response was analyzed. The results indicated that: the overall impact of MSNAs was found to be at moderate degree (M=3.23). Also, social relation, family relation and awareness of current issues were found to be of the same degree (Means= 3.41, 3.23, 3.61) respectively. Compression of the means of the three dimensions with the theoretical means revealed significant differences in favour of each dimension. T-tests compressions for the gender and for education level revealed no significant differences in both variables whereas significant differences were found for the time spend variable. ANOVA for purposes of using (MSNAs) showed significant difference in favour of educational purposes, while ANOVA for type of applications used revealed no significant differences. The study concluded that the use of (MSNAs) at a moderate degree on students' social life and recommended the use of a large sample and scale of more variables of social life.

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