The haemopoietic stem cell: Between apoptosis and self renewal

Faris Q. Alenzi, Badi Q. Alenazi, Shamweel Y. Ahmad, Mohamed L. Salem, Ali A. Al-Jabri, Richard K.H. Wyse

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Self renewal and apoptosis of haemopoietic stem cells (HSC+) represent major factors that determine the size of the haemopoietic cell mass. Changes in self renewal above or below the steady state value of 0.5 will result in either bone marrow expansion or aplasia, respectively. Despite the growing body of research that describes the potential role of HSC, there is still very little information on the mechanisms that govern HSC self renewal and apoptosis. Considerable insight into the role of HSC in many diseases has been gained in recent years. In light of their crucial importance, this article reviews recent developments in the understanding of the molecular, biological, and physiological characteristics of haemopoietic stem cells.

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دوريةYale Journal of Biology and Medicine
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حالة النشرPublished - مارس 2009

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