The Establishment and Development of the Initial Physical Education Teacher’s Training Programme for Women in Oman

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Being an Islamic County, the cultural practices in the pre-1970 era in Oman prohibited full participation of girls and women in life and education which changed drastically in the post-1970 era. This positive change led to the establishment of physical education in schools and other institutes of higher education as well as promoted educational aims for girls, where they had rights in education equal to men. The impact of modernisation, socio-economic development, feminisation and Omani station in post-1970 Oman is crucial in the following study since the introduction of the Initial Teaching Training Physical Education Programme for Women (ITTPEPFW) is a result of these series of change. An evaluation of a programme in physical education teacher training for women cannot be understood outside the overall context of the society in which it belongs. Therefore, this review will consider key Omani influences such as the geographical, historical, socio-cultural and religious factors unique to the Sultanate on female education in Oman.
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