The characteristics of trapped magnetic flux inside bulk HTS in the Mixed-μ levitation system

M. Ghodsi*, T. Ueno, H. Teshima, H. Hirano, T. Higuchi

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In this paper we propose a new experimental method to investigate the principle of 'Mixed-μ' levitation systems. To confirm our claim, we measured the attractive force and the variation of flux passing through both, the HTS sample and the face surface of iron yoke, when the yoke is approached/retreated to the surface of field-cooled HTS sample. It is revealed that when the diameter of the yoke is less than the diameter of the HTS, in the small gap by reducing the gap, the flux which passes through the face surface of the yoke and consequently the attractive force will decrease. Therefore, stable levitation is achievable. However, when the diameter of yoke is equal to the diameter of the HTS, the magnetic flux will not decrease for a reducing gap and stable levitation is unfeasible. Briefly, stable levitation is achievable when the yoke diameter is less than the HTS's diameter. Additionally, as the yoke is approached to the HTS the flux variation of the HTS in 77 K is negligible compare to the flux variation of the HTS in the room temperature. Therefore, in superconductivity state the pinned fluxes in the HTS samples remain approximately constant and the HTS acts as a 'magnetic isolator'. This specification can be used to simulate the behavior of field-cooled HTS by the FEM software.

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