Teaching process of future tunisian physical education’ teachers during a professional training

Samiha Amara*, Sarra Hammoudi Nassib, Bessem Mkaouer

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This study explored the several common skills employed by future teachers during the learning athletics situations and determines the current profile of Tunisian future physical education’ teacher. They were 36 sports science students pursuing degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Education. All learning lessons were observed for four months throughout the entire semester. Results showed no significant difference was observed between groups in skills employed by future teachers (run, jump and throw). However the results provided skills which were involved in the teaching / learning pattern of educational situations regardless of specialty taught as follows: The teacher's behavior 16% as the most representative factor of the teaching profile’ Process, learning preparation 14%, Relationship competence' skills 13 %, expectations and adjustment of learning 7% and Pedagogical relationship since it represents just 6%. In conclusion, this study helps to improve the teachinglearning process by allowing teachers to work on the requested skills.

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