System design of meb in M-IWD model with heuristic function on WSN

Mohamed Yasin Noor Mohamed*, M. S. Saleem Basha, Pothula Sujatha

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Background: The Modified Intelligent Water Drop algorithm incorporated with the proposed heuristic function to enhance the characteristics of randomness, individual diversity to minimize the total energy required to broadcast the data from each sensor node towards the sink node in a network. Objective: The Modified Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm has been designed to achieve the divergence to find out an optimal Minimum Energy Broadcasting tree in WSN. Method: The proposed variant has been evaluated and compared concerning contemporary Evolutionary techniques using appropriate performance criteria. Result: To achieve optimum result, the proposed Modified Intelligent Water Drop algorithm compared with existing algorithm along with 20 nodes dataset with 30 instances, 50 nodes dataset with 30 instances and 100 nodes dataset with 30 instances. Conclusion: In this perspective, a suitable experimental setup has been designed and experiments are performed on different classes of Minimum Energy Broadcasting instances obtained from stand-ard Minimum Energy Broadcasting library [Comopt 2012] to validate the proposed Modified Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm. The simulation results of MEB for MIWD-HUD with convergence and divergence is given.

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