Stock assessment of Sarpa salpa (Pisces: Sparidae) off the KwaZulu/Natal Coast, South Africa

B. A. Van Der Walt*, A. Govender

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Trends in the catches of Sarpa salpa along the KwaZulu/Natal coast, determined by analysing the shorebased catch documented during patrols by the Natal Parks Board from 1986 to 1994, indicated that S. salpa was the second most abundant fish caught by anglers on the south coast of KwaZulu/Natal. However, it was an insignificant component of the catch on the north coast of that region. A seasonal trend in the catch of S. salpa was evident, with a marked increase in catches during winter. The current status of S. salpa off the coast of KwaZulu/Natal was assessed in terms of yield-per-recruit and spawner-biomass-per-recruit analyses. Instantaneous natural and total mortalities were estimated to be 0,6 and 1,41 · year-1 respectively. A fishing mortality of 0,81 · year-1, which is the current level on S. salpa, appears to be appropriate for utilization of the stock. Management options for this resource in KwaZulu/Natal are discussed.

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