Reflection on the Objective of Physical Education Department from Lecturers point of view Physical Education Department at Sultan Qaboos University.

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Reflection on Objective is a key component of educational research
to develop and utilized for programme in order to reach high
implantation of the goals sit. This paper deals with reflection of the
Physical Education Department Objectives (PEDO) from the views of
the lecturers at Sultan Qaboos University, by persons related to the
department such as lecturers. Questionnaires were used to
investigation method, and participants were asked to answer
questions related to the aspects of the PEDO. Conducting interviews
with the lecturer who also subjects taking the questionnaire could
have illuminated many of their views on certain issues concerning the
physical education department they were asked to reflect on. Views to
various modifications in the PEDO were also brought and results
were manly pro-reform except with lecturers. Moreover, the lecturers
were all foreign, not Omani females. The major limitation though was
that the study only focused on one educational institute in Oman.
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  • Physical Education Department, Objective, Reflection, Sultan Qaboos University, Teacher

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