Quality characteristics of broiler chicken meat on salt at different temperatures

Ann S. Mothershaw, Taghreed Gaffer, Isam Kadim, Nejib Guizani, Issa Al-Amri, Osman Mahgoub, Saif Al-Bahry

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The aim of this investigation was to compare the quality characteristics and muscle structure of broiler chicken meat stored at different temperatures in the retail market in Oman. The meat quality characteristics of broiler breast meat were analysed. Ten samples were randomly selected from each group of fresh, frozen, and chilled chicken meat. Colour L, a, b, pH, expressed juice, cooking loss, sarcomere length, W-B-shear force and muscle structure (using scanning electron microscopy) were determined. Fresh meat samples had significantly (P<0.05) lower pH values and lightness L* than those of chilled and frozen samples. The chilled meat samples were significantly (P<0.05) lighter and had lower shear force values than fresh and frozen samples. Frozen samples had significantly (P<0.05) higher expressed juice and cooking loss values than either fresh or chilled samples. The pH values of fresh, chilled, and frozen breast samples were related to colour and expressed juice. Electron microscopy demonstrated that the changes in the physical properties of the chilled meat were related to breakdown of the muscle fiber bundles. The quality characteristics of broiler meat from different storage temperatures varied significantly.

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