Physicochemical characterization of ffruit of different date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) varieties grown in Pakistan

R. W.K. Qadri*, S. Waheed, M. S. Haider, I. Khan, S. A. Naqvi, M. Bashir, M. M. Khan

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Thirty two date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) varieties from the Date palm Research Station, Jhang, Punjab, Pakistan were examined for their approximate physico-chemical characterization for the fruit. All detections were made at khala, rutab and tamar stages (maturity) of fruit. Significant differences were recorded in the physical and chemical characteristics among varieties. The highest fruit weight (18.83 g) and pulp weight (18.68 g) was recorded in Dhakki at khalal stage. Maximum fruit length (2.22 cm) and width (0.77 cm) was recorded in Wahan Wali and Chohara, respectively. Pulp to fruit ratio of different varieties was found in the range of 77.81% (Neelum) to 96.56% (Dhakki) at tamar stage. For chemical properties; Hallawi-2 variety revealed higher TSS throughout the three developmental stages ranged 13.80, 26.78 and 29 %, followed by Khudrawi, 12.10, 25.68 and 27.10% at khalal, rutab and tamar stages, respectively. The moisture percentage was ranged from 61.3% (Zerdo) to 70.67% (Seib) on khalal stage. Total sugar contents ranged 30.93% (Hallawi-1) to 64.23% (Deglet Noor and Kozan Abad), reducing sugars 23.33% (Hillawi-1) to 56.93% (Deglet Noor) among different varieties at khalal to tamar stage. Our results showed that change in fruit size was mainly due to the variability in genetic makeup and growth conditions. Furthermore, our results showed that the variation of the chemical characterization was mainly depended on the variety and developmental stage.

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