Outcome of H1N1 infection in hospitalised paediatric patients in a tertiary hospital

P Alexander, H Javad, Y Al Rawahi, L Al Yazdi, A Balkhair

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Introduction: In Oman, a total of 7040 cases tested positive for H1NI with 31 deaths, till February 2010.We describe the clinical characteristics of children admitted to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) from Sepember 2009 to February 2010. Methods: The clinical data of all children with influenza like illness were reviewed. The diagnosis was confirmed in 38 cases by positive RT-PCR assay. Results: A total of 243 children were admitted with influenza like symptoms,out of which 38 tested positive forH1N1.The mean age group was 4 years 1 month.The time between onset of symptoms and admission ranged from 1-14 days and the duration of admission from 1- 22 days.LFT was abnormal in 2 children. None of the confirmed cases had been vaccinated.25 of these 38 patients had co morbidites.The most frequently reported symptom was cough.and the most frequent sign was fever.Chest X ray was done for 27 of them and 14 patients had evidence of pneumonia.Twelve percent of the cases had leucocytosis and leucopaenia respectively.Thirty percent, had elevated CRP, the highest being 146. One child required prolonged oxygen and needed intensive care including CPAP.No death was reported.All patients except one, were given oseltamivir,after swabs were taken for diagnosis.The duration of therapy was 5 days and no significant adverse reactions were noted.No complications, related to H1 N1were noted in any of the patients. Conclusion: Influenza A virus infection affected all age grous,including children less than 12 years of age.The mortality rate in the adult population was 7% in hospitalised patients in Oman (Al Lawatia et al, SQUMJ 2011;10:326-324) but no child died due to H1N1infection at SQUH or in any hospital in Oman.
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دوريةEuropean Respiratory Journal
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رقم الإصدار(Alexander P.; Javad H.; Al Rawahi Y.; Al Yazdi L.; Balkhair A.)
حالة النشرPublished - 2011
منشور خارجيًانعم


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